Chris Gutzeit is as much a part of Hawaii 's environment as the sea life that he sculpts. Perhaps that is why his sculptures, that combine human form with marine life, speak to us about the need to create a balance between man and nature. Gutzeit has spent the past twenty-four years growing up in the islands and living the healthy, outdoor "good life." At the age of three his father taught him how to surf and at the age of twelve he taught himself how to windsurf. In no time he became sponsored and was competing with the best of them in professional windsurfing contests throughout the islands. Chris was a featured windsurfing in the award-winning Imax movie, "The Living Sea," a tribute to the spectacular oceans of the world. After reaching a level of extreme windsurfing status by executing such maneuvers as 360 degree loops while flying through the air, he decided to take that creative energy and direct it into his artistic endeavors. Gutzeit's art represents the same love and dedication that exists in any of his creative expressions, whether its riding a sailboard down the face of a twenty-foot wave or sculpting seven-foot high humpback whales, he becomes one with his passion.

Gutzeit's interest in marine life has been enhanced over the years by his father's profession. Clary Gutzeit was captain of the SSP Kaimalino with Naval Ocean Systems Center (NOSC) for over a decade and currently operates the research vessel, "Kaimikai-O-Kanaloa" for the Research Corporation of University of Hawaii (RCUH). He also works closely with the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology and the Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratories (HURL). These positions have given Chris many opportunities to experience first-hand the many wonders of the sea, including close encounters with marine life. Gutzeit's desire to be in harmony with himself and the world has to do with the influence of his mother. Carol Gutzeit, a body/mind fitness professional and owner of Satori Hawaii , teaches corporations and individuals how to create balance and harmony through mental, physical, spiritual and emotional training.

Gutzeit is committed to giving back to the environment that has brought him his greatest source of inspiration. He is working to establish himself as an environmental artist who uses his creative expression to bring awareness to others. He is striving to support the research that keeps the oceans safe and alive in order to strengthen the bond between mankind and Mother Nature.